Volunteering rewards

It's time to give back to those who give their time to make a difference to others

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~0,0,000 million

people volunteer once a month!

£1 billion

estimated worth to the UK economy


Give back to your volunteers



Be rewarded for volunteering


Organisations: Reward your volunteers with Voluntier

Incentivise and reward your volunteers by gifting them something they can use to purchase goods or donate to charities.

Volunteers time bank thier hours

Using the app, volunteers log their time volunteering.

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Reward your volunteers

Transfer them Voluntier tokens for their time banked*.

Incentivise your staff to voluteer

People love volunteering. But they should also be rewarded.

Reward your volunteers with Women's Coin

You can even transfer them Women's Coin®.


Organisations recognise the contribution volunteers make to your business! Give the "Voluntier" app to your volunteers

Register your organisation

Simple organisation registration through the app. Start rewarding in no time!

Volunteers time bank their hours

Volunteers can time bank the hours they have volunteered easily through the app.

App features

Volunteers redeem hours or donate

Volunteers can redeem hours volunteering and purchase goods or donate it.

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Organisations reward volunteers

You can then reward your volunteers with Voluntier tokens or Women's Coin®

Available worldwide


You can be rewarded with Voluntier tokens or Women's Coin® for volunteering

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Redeem your tokens through the app.


You can donate your tokens to a charity to many charities.

Claim your Women's Coin

You can convert your Volutier tokens into Women's Coin®.

Volunteers: be rewarded for volunteering

Volunteers can redeem hours in exchange for goods (cup of coffee) or discounts with local businesses.

Part of Women's Coin

You can convert your Voluntier tokens into Women's Coin® to purchase goods or services.

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Supporting homeless women in Glasgow

Women's Coin Voluntier App supporting homeless women in Glasgow access employment through volunteering

Supporting Horumar Somali Women

Women's Coin Voluntier App supporting Horumar Somali Women access meaningful employment through volunteering

Supporting Edinburgh students

Women's Coin Voluntier app supporting Edinburgh students to record their voluntary work

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